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Digital Planner Pros and Cons

by Brandy Burke
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We’ve been talking a lot this week about digital planners – if you’re not caught up, the best place to start is with this post, digital planners 101. As I’ve mentioned throughout each of these posts, there are definite digital planner pros and cons – this post will explore each of these in our favorite format — list :D.

Digital Planner Pros

  • Undated planners are reusable year after year.
  • Digital planner stickers can be used time and time again.
  • You can use nearly any image in your planner.
  • You don’t need nice handwriting since you can also type in your digital planner.
  • Your digital planner can go anywhere with you without worrying about dents and damaged corners.
  • Never any mess-ups or smudges.
  • No need for cancelled stickers to highlight the things that didn’t happen – can just delete right then.
  • Typically the undated planners have far more page options, and that leads to more creative planning.

Digital Planner Cons

  • While there are digital planner and digital planner sticker choices out there, they are limited in comparison to hardcopy planners.
  • No sense of sentimental/archival existence like you have when you look at a stack of old paper planners from years past.
  • It’s more expensive to transport (as in, if you spill coffee on your iPad, it comes at a substantial cost in comparison to your paper planner).
  • Somewhat cumbersome to plan until you get the hang of it.

This list isn’t about the number of each bullet in the pros or cons category – I think it matters what your planning style is, the time you have, and what you like to do with your planners post-year-end. I’ll continue to add to this digital planner pros and cons list as I dive into digital planning more and more this year.

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