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Getting Started with a Digital Planner 101

by Brandy Burke
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Using a digital planner isn’t new, but just like paper planning, it’s made strides in new developments and incredible supplies such as the availability of actual digital planners and digital planning stickers. While I’m a paper crafter and always into the idea of documenting my life in hard copy, both in scrapbooking as well as creative planning, there are also several things I love about Digital Planners.

Digital planner supplies

  • iPad (or tablet)
  • Planning App
  • Digital Planner
  • Digital Planner Sticker

Choosing your digital planner app

There are many different apps that you can use to house your digital planner – it just has to be able to notate PDFs. I’ve listed a few options below for both Android and iOS.

GoodNotes 5 (this is what I use)

Because I use GoodNotes 5, this tutorial will guide you as if you’re using Goodnotes 5, too.

Digital Planner View

Choosing a digital planner

I have to admit, I spent more time choosing my digital planner than I’ve ever spent choosing a planner that was paper/hard copy – first because it was a new world to me, one that I wanted to fully explore before making a decision and second, there are a lot of really, really cool options out there.

Much like choosing a daily paper planner, there are several digital planner layout options – landscape or portrait, MAE or hourly, dated digital planner and undated digital planners, all of the same layouts you could want or need in physical form are also in digital.

Because you can duplicate pages, you can really buy this digital planner once and use it for many years – so I think it’s important to spend the time to scout out the one that works best for you.

My life (like yours, I’m sure) is filled with a multitude of different things I track and plan, so I see the need for many different page layouts in my life, that’s why I ultimately chose this one for my daily use.

 Check out this post for 5 undated digital planners to try! 

Choosing digital planning stickers

There are a lot of digital planner stickers available now (a year ago, that wasn’t the case) so you can spend just as much time and have just as much fun choosing digital planner stickers but good news – they aren’t one-time use!

Choose stickers that are pre-cropped or specify that they have a good notes file – this just makes life easier because you can drop the stickers right in without any headache – trust me, it’s worth it to look for this when shopping for digital planner stickers.

Be sure to load up on the basic digital planner supplies to get started – unlike physical planning, these are one and done purchases, but you’ll need a few key items to keep digital planning fun and not a chore.

 See this post for my favorite digital planner stickers 

How to load your digital planner in Goodnotes

Save the planner PDF to your iPad and then open the Goodnotes 5 app. Tap on the + sign on the upper left side of the screen and choose “Import”. From there, browse for and select your planner PDF file. That’s really all that there is to it.

How to load your digital planner stickers in Goodnotes

I like to load my stickers right into my planner so I never need to leave it. To do this, open your digital planner and flip to the last page (or, wherever you want to store your digital planner stickers). Click on the + sign in the upper left side of the screen and follow the same steps you used above to import your planner.

I hope this crash course in digital planning inspires you to grab your tablet and try it out – in my heart, it will never fully replace paper planning (it’s just who I am) but it does add another element of creativity and organization that I’m excited about and diving into a bit more every day.

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Hey! Do you have a pro/con blogpost on digital planning? I’m intrigued, but nervous to make the leap.

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