Crochet Owl Mug Cozy Pattern

crochet owl mug cozy

I love how this little crochet owl mug cozy pattern (hodgepodge pattern, I should say) turned out.
I’ve been crocheting a lot lately – I pick up one craft that I like, do it for a few months (just long enough to invest hundreds in materials) and then I decide I like to do something else 🙂

I used pieces from a couple of patterns to make it the way I wanted – and though I made it for a gift, I may just have to selfishly keep it all to myself.

Except I don’t drink coffee. Not even a little. Can’t stand the way it smells, can’t stand the way it tastes, dark, light, sweetened, straight – I just plain do not like it.

But I like tea – so I could use it for my tea – except I don’t like hot tea – so I guess back to plan A – it’s a gift 🙂

Crochet Owl Mug Cozy Pattern


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You can use any colors you wish – it takes so very little of each color that I just used tiny amounts from my stash which included – however if you start with new materials below, you’ll have enough to make 8-10 crochet owl mug cozies.

Crochet Owl Mug Cozy

For the Cozy

Chain 21

Join with Slip Stich

Row 2-5, Ch1, HDC in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

On last row, do not CH1 after joining, fasten off.

For the Eyes

For the eyes, I used the Owl Crochet pattern

Her eyes turned out a LOT better than mine – still can’t figure out what I did wrong.

For the Beak

Chain 5

SC in 2nd Ch from hook and in each stitch, fasten off.


Sew all parts together and weave in ends.
For the eyes, I also sewed a couple of stitches between the two eyes, mostly to cover up a snafu, but I kind of like how it turned out.

Seriously, a 20 minute project – Enjoy


Here is where you can find the mug printable that my cozy is resting on.

You can also find a lot of patterns I’ve scooped up from the net on my Pinterest Crochet Board.

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    I have not seen anyone doing crochet in a long time. Years ago my mum tried to teach it to me but…..

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