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Crochet Flower Mug Cozy

by Brandy Burke
crochet flower mug cozy

I might be a little bit partial, but I think this crochet flower mug cozy is absolutely adorable. The best part of course is that it makes the perfect gift for the girly coffee drinker in your life. Since I don’t much care for coffee, but everyone I know does, these are a bit easier to give away for me than a crochet blanket or slippers – those I like to keep for my greedy self.

They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, Bible studies, and as hostess gifts.

Though you could probably use any yarn, I choose a cotton/kitchen yarn because they tend to hold their shape better – and they’re also easy to wash if your recipient sloshes a bit of coffee on it.

crochet flower mug cozy

Crochet Flower Mug Cozy Materials

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Crochet Flower Mug Cozy Pattern:

For Mug Cozy

Chain 21

Join with Slip Stitch

Row 2-5, Ch1, HDC in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

On last row, do not CH1 after joining, fasten off.

Weave in ends neatly


For Flower

See this cotton crochet flower post with photos

When finished, weave in ends on both pieces. Position flower in the center of the mug cozy and fasten on securely.

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