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Craft Vacuum

There are times when I don’t want to create in my craft room simply because it takes 30 minutes to drag out the supplies and another 30 minutes just to clean up.

Having carpet in my craft room doesn’t help the clean up factor one bit – still to this day when I walk through my craft room I find Christmas tree confetti from last Christmas. It never goes away.

However, a new little gadget, my craft vacuum just joined me in my space last week and so far, I’m loving him. As you’ll learn on the video, I decided out of the blue while filming to name him Herb.

Herb, my little craft vacuum does an amazing job on glitter and small paper scraps (hole punch and smaller. Basically, all the little crafty bits that I shrug and scoop off in to the floor when I’m exhausted from crafting and lacking the patience for the 30 minute cleanup.

Key important point here, he is ridiculously inexpensive, took me just over a week to receive and he takes double A batteries.

I need one of these for my kitchen island, my car, and our desk spaces!

You can grab your craft vacuum here (they have other styles too!).


This craft vacuum destroys glitter and crafty bits - and it's inexpensive!


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