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Cotton Crochet Flower

by Brandy Burke
Cotton Crochet Flower

This cotton crochet flower have become one of my favorites!

I love to crochet anything lately – honestly it’s a time when I can just zone out – and not really think of anything except counting stitches. It’s the one time in my day (or week) that I am not thinking of the household chores that need doing, and I’m not trying to solve a work related problem or an internal struggle – just simply counting and watching the cotton creation taking place in my hands.

I’ve created my own cotton crochet flowers, and I’ve worked the various patterns found on the net – each person adding something of their own to it – but this cotton crochet flower is by far the easiest for the end result.

Crochet Flower Pattern - I love these!


Cotton Crochet Flower Pattern

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Cotton Crochet Flower Materials

Cotton Crochet Flower Pattern Materials


Create Magic Ring

Chain 1 and work 6SC in Ring

Pull it tightly closed. Do not join. You’ll be working around the pattern without joining your rows.

Round 2: In BLO work 2SC in Each ST around for a total of 12STS – Do not Join

Round 3: In BLO *Work 2SC in next ST and 1SC in next, repeat from * around for a total of 18STS

Round 4: In BLO *Work 2SC in next ST, 1SC in next 2 STS,  repeat from * around for a total of 24STS.

Fasten Off and weave in ends.

We worked this entire pattern in the BLO (Back Loops Only) so we’ll now work the front loops and begin to build our flower up.

Join yarn in the first unworked front loop from your beginning round. Work 1SC in the same loop you joined in. *3HDC in next ST, 1SC in next, repeat from * around. SL ST at end and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Cotton Crochet Flower Pattern Tutorial

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