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Clean Acrylic Stamp Blocks – 5 Tips to Sparke

by Brandy Burke

Crafting is almost all fun and no work – but the occasional restoration of crafting supplies is good for me, too.

Though I try to keep my stamping blocks clean as I go, from time to time I am distracted by the crafting moment and inks, especially archival ones, tend to build up on the block making it a total mess. I mean, honestly the best feature about an acrylic block is that you can see right through it to line up your stamp with your piece, right!? Not as easy to do with streaks of various inks all about the block so I’ve got myself on a clean acrylic stamp blocks rotation to ensure I no longer run in to that problem.

Tip 1: Diaper wipes aren’t just for babies.

As you go, keep a wet diaper wipe next to you to wipe down your stamp in between impressions. Wipe your block down even when you’re not ready to clean the stamp – it becomes a quick habit to stamp, wipe, stamp, wipe. I buy my diaper wipes in bulk so I never have to think twice about using one to clean up.

Tip 2: Clean Acrylic Stamp Blocks as you go.

Clean your blocks after use just as you do your stamp. Using your stamp cleaning pad and stamp spray, clean the stamp, dry the stamp and set to dry. Then, clean the block, dry the block and set to dry.

Tip 3: Keep a Good Multi-Purpose Cleaner on Hand

Use Stazon Multi-purpose cleaner after every archival ink use. Archival ink only becomes a problem after it dries – remember, this stuff is made to be permanent on paper AND other items – so acrylic is no match for it’s ability to stick around for the long haul. I keep Stazon Multi-purpose cleaner out on my work station any time I’m working with archival inks.

Tip 4: In the Tub

Bathe them once a month whether they need it or not. Fill a bin full of hot and dish soapy water and allow the blocks to soak for a half hour before giving them each a good wipe down and air dry on a clean dish towel.

Tip 5: Push Away Moisture

From time to time moisture can cause some acrylic blocks to become a bit cloudy from the moisture seeping in when there isn’t the best seal. You can apply your heat gun quickly over cloudy areas to remove the film. No heat gun? A quality blow dryer or a layout in the warm sunlight can do wonders.

How I store my Clean Acrylic Stamp Blocks:

I keep this craft organizer on my desk, directly in front of me with the storage blocks inside the drawers. Then I have them in an easy to reach location when I sit down to stamp. Now, you could keep these in a basket or a tub but you want to keep them out of the sunlight and away from damp or humid areas.

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