Classic Recollections Planner Measurements

Classic recollections Planner measurements

I was (thankfully) reminded by another viewer on the Large Recollections Planner Measurements blog posting that the classic recollections planner measurements had not yet been posted. OOPS! I’m thankful for the reminder because even though I planned to do it, it never happened.

My scanner is being annoying lately, so I won’t even try  – instead a photo taken from my phone after my husband and I stood in the kitchen with a ruler and the planner – just like last time…see, I never learned to read a ruler because I was too busy talking in class and writing notes to my BFFs. Thank God for hubbies who take 3rd grade classes seriously, right!?

Classic Recollections Planner Measurements

Classic Recollections Planner Measurements

I’m keeping it short and sweet today – just some measurements in a hurry for those who need it.


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