Christmas Sticker Planner Printable

I’m looking at my calendar and it says November 14th but the weather forecast says late September or Early October. So does my Christmas list because even though I planned to be much further by now, I’m not.

I am getting geared up for December in my Happy Planner though – I find that I always need more background stickers regardless of what weekly set I use – so I grabbed some backgrounds from one of my favorite digital kits and printed out two pages (which probably won’t be enough to get me through December but it’s a start).

It’s weird – I really dislike decorating my home for Christmas. I think I like everything so magazine perfect that a big gnarly artificially tree taking up real estate in my den irritates me. This year though, I went out and bought new ornaments (and a new separate tree for the non-pinteresty ornaments that my family insists we hang) and I am feeling ready.

I’m planning to be obnoxious with my decoration in my planner – to me, Christmas is turquoise and silver but I plan to plaster the thing with the traditional “this is Christmas” colors and patterns because life is short.

I rarely make something that I don’t share so have at these stickers – and enjoy!

If you love them, share them on Pinterest so others can enjoy them to.

Click the image to download

Christmas Sticker Planner Printable Download


Free Christmas Stickers Planner Printable fits Happy Planner - Glee! Joy!

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