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Chevron Friendship Bracelet

by Brandy Burke

I’m a big fan of friendship bracelets. YES, at 40 years old, and I’ve been making it my goal to learn how to make more and more of them. If it’s your goal too, here’s a quick, easy one that you can check off your list.

The Chevron friendship bracelet can be made using as many threads as you’d like. I’m sharing how to make one with ____ threads today, but more threads just equal a wider (and more colorful) bracelet.

DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet Steps:

  • Start by cutting each of your threads about 3 feet long.
  • Take all of your threads together and fold them in half and tie them securely in a knot, about where my fingers are in this image, or a little lower so that you have enough end string to tie your knot around your wrist.
  • Secure your Friendship bracelet to your work surface using a binder clip and a bit of washi tape for good measure.

I personally use a 12X12 tile for my work projects like this – it allows me the ability to move it off of my work surface when I need to work on something else, but it makes it not very portable, which is fine because I really can’t count knots and watch TV anyway 🙂

  • By folding your threads in half, you have two of every thread – separate them out where they mirror each other.

I like to secure the bottoms of my thread with a small bit of washi tape – I tape the threads down straight, but not too tight, I can easily work with and move the threads without them jumbling up, getting in my way, or getting out of place.

From here – there’s just no way to talk you through it with pictures – I’m not that great with words – so here’s a chevron friendship bracelet video tutorial to help you out.

Chevron Friendship Bracelet Video Tutorial

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