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Cheap Planner Supplies – How to Save on Your Planning Addiction

by Brandy Burke
Cheap Planner Supplies

Cheap planner supplies – the term may sound like an oxy-moron if you’ve been in to planning very long. It starts with a little planner and a roll of washi and before you know it, you have an entire room dedicated you decorating your planner and enough washi to tape a house together.

I’ve been planning for a long time now and have run across many ways to grab cute and cheap planner supplies – this means I haven’t had to go on a no-spend in ages and ages. I’m thankful for that!  I’m sharing these ideas with you today but I’m teachable too! If there are places you’ve found cute cheap planner supplies, I want to hear about it (and share it with our incredible planner community – so post it in the comments below or reach out to me on facebook.

I’ll tell you where I find deals on planner bling (and the best time to shop) as well as other tips and tricks I use to find awesome cheap planner supplies without compromising the design (and fun) of decorating my planner.

Now, you don’t always have to buy your supplies, many bloggers – including goodstuffmama.com provide printable planner freebies all you have to do is print them and cut them and be on your way to endless planner decorating. See this post for my best planner sticker printing tips.

In a few weeks, the largest planner freebie list will publish right here on goodstuffmama.com so stay tuned!

Still, sometimes we just want to shop – am I right!? So here are my go to places for keeping my budget tamed and my planner gorgeous.

Cheap Planner Supplies: Where (and when) to Shop:

Cheap Planner Supplies Online

The Miscut Shop:  This shop is right here at goodstuffmama.com and is all the miscuts from the Goodstuff Paper Co. The very first day we opened this shop, there were 14 sales – folks know how to save on cute planner supplies! Don’t let the name “miscut” fool you – unless the sticker is cut all the way through, most customers can never tell where the miscut actually is…and sometimes, there aren’t any miscuts at all, we just wish the color was bolder. The Miscut store offers free shipping on every single order and no sticker set is over $3. The best time to shop: Fridays -Sunday. Restocks happen in the shop every Friday and new designs are added – no back orders – first come, first served!

Ali Express: I first heard about Ali Express at a planner meetup and was incredibly intrigued when I learned about how low the prices were…but it takes a bit of time to get what you ordered so The Best time to shop: Way in advance of when you think you’ll want/need something. And read the description so you know how long it will take. I always get my orders faster than the listing says, but still read 🙂

Etsy: I know, we all know about etsy but did you know about $2 Tuesdays? Tons of sticker shops participate in this sale, so be sure to follow your favorite shops on instagram; Search instagram for #$2Tuesday #twodollartuesday #stickershop – The Best Time to Shop: Tuesdays.

Side note – there are also group sales events – I follow @plannerbosscollective for these.

Blitsy: Blitsy is one of my favorite online craft supply stores. Their prices aren’t always the best on things you can find in a brick and mortar store (like MAMBI products) but they have so many planning and crafty supplies that you can’t find out and about on a Saturday and the prices on those items are surprisingly good. The Best Time to Shop: None that I know of – their prices are pretty consistent but subscribe to their list for sales.

Create For Less: is an online shop many aren’t familiar with but when they have sales on products, they have REALLY good sales. The Best Time to Shop: The third week of the month – that’s when I’ve found the very best deals consistently.

Cheap Planner Supplies Brick and Mortar:

The obvious ones:

Michaels: Consistently they have awesome sales. Join their member rewards programs and check your email before you shop. Once a month they have 50 or 60% off planner supplies. Here’s a link to my most recent planner haul

Hobby Lobby: I love their new Carpe Diem line, only buy items that you have the 40% off coupon for OR that are already discounted at 50%. If you buy anything full price here, you’re loco.

Target: The Target $1 spot has caught on to the planner hype. I find a lot of washi in these bins.

The not so obvious:

Tuesday morning Inc – They have a lot of planner and craft supplies, including washi tape, and they also carry double sided cardstock (not planner related, but that’s awesome to find in a store).

Dollar Tree: Many dollar tree locations have large supplies of $1 washi rolls…. my Oklahoma City dollar trees suck at this, but every planner outside of my geographical location has found some super cool deals there.

Daiso Japan: is the place to go for washi and other crafty supplies if you have one near you. See my Daiso Japan planner haul here.

Big Lots: has a lot of post-it notes, clips and washi tape.

Cheap Planner Supplies: Other Outlets

Destash and Planner Facebook Groups online – there are a lot of people who destash the items they aren’t using within these groups and it’s an incredible way to grab cheap planner supplies for yourself.

With a little planning and a willingness to buy from different places only using coupons and supplementing with free planner printables, you can easily keep current in planner decorations without having to lie to your husband about what you spent.

Cheap planner supplies - great list of where to go and the best times to shop!

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I want to see if I can buy a planner and journaling book and start to put it together properly.and get a few hints and tips from people who’s doing journaling all the while.and also does this and combining it with budgeting and saving money tips.


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