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Bullet Journaling with stamps

Recently, I received a few stamps sets from ContactUSA to try for feedback (and by my choice, I’ve chosen to share them here. I am not being paid for this post.

I’m relatively new to bullet journaling – basically feeling my way through it and trying to decide where bullet journaling fits in to my planning and hobbies.

One thing that gets me down a bit about bullet journaling is that it takes a lot of time – and sometimes, I don’t have it to give, so I was curious about the use of stamps for bullet journaling – I watched a few Youtube videos and checked out Pinterest and set out to create my own design using stamps

Check Out my Bullet Journaling Important Dates here on Youtube:

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    • Chris
    • May 30, 2017

    Really cute ideas. When I Google’d “ContactUSA” I got a bunch of sites for contacts or consulting firms. I can’t seem to find the company you got these stamps from. Can you post a link or a company website name so I can find them? THANKS! 🙂 You gave me yet another great idea to organize my life! LOL

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