Bitmoji Planner Stickers – easy step by step guide

bitmoji planner stickers

I wasn’t really fond of the bitmoji app, in fact, about 24 hours before I stumbled upon this idea, I mentioned to my daughter that I planned to delete it. I’d only installed it months before on her urging and hadn’t used it since.  However, anything becomes exciting if you can turn it in to something planner related – bitmoji planner stickers changed my mind!

If you already have the app, you likely already know the steps I will take you through – this post assumes that you have already installed the app and created your character – if you haven’t then do so now and join me back here to create your bitmoji planner stickers.

Creating your Bitmoji Planner Stickers

Step 1:
Create scenarios with your bitmoji – I looked for ones that were snarky such as the “seriously!” one. Select the image and email it to yourself. Be sure that you create a subject line that tells you which bitmoji planner sticker icon is inside.

Bitmoji Planner Stickers Step 1

I changed outfits every few scenarios so that my bitmoji planner stickers wouldn’t be boring (although, in trueness, I work from home and wear the same yoga pants to work many days per week).

Step 2:

From your computer, open the emails you sent to yourself and download the images.

Step 3:
Drag the images on to your silhouette mat in silhouette studio. Don’t have a silhouette? That’s okay, just load them in to a document and print them on sticker paper. See my tips for printing planner stickers here.

Step 4:

Using your silhouette program, you’ll want to draw boxes that are the size of your planner. I use the big happy planner most often, so I drew boxes that were 1.942″ wide by 2.985″ long.Then, arrange your bitmoji planner stickers however you wish. For the ones outside of boxes, I traced and detached the image to get rid of the box that came around it, and then just gave an offset of 0.12 – this was my cut line.

bitmoji planner stickers silhouette

And now, the only thing left is to cut and enjoy. I’m considering making some for all of my family to include in my planner! If you’ve made bitmoji planner stickers, I want to hear about it! Tag me on instagram @goodstuffmama or chat with me in the comments below.

Outside of planning, I can’t find a use for these little things – If you’re not a planner, what do you use bitmoji’s for? 



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  1. Reply

    Haven’t heard of this sound like an interesting way to use a planner.

  2. Reply

    A friend of mine just told me about bitmoji. After seeing these stickers, I definitely need to check it out!

  3. Reply

    Ok, this is an awesome idea! I used to have an Etsy sticker shop, but closed it last year. I have been in a planning funk, but I HAVE to make these! I’m going to share this in a group I’m in!

  4. Reply

    I never thought of this before. I would love to do this one day.

  5. Reply

    What a seriously creative idea and one that is waaaaay unique! I want to make some of me right now! Too cute!

  6. I have a cousin who is constantly using bitmoji’s. I had no idea it was an app? She would love this as much as she posts them!

  7. Reply

    This is so fun! I love the creativity with the outfits .

  8. Reply

    I will have to check this app out. I am sure my kids are using it, every time I bring something up to them, they roll thei e yes like I have no clue about anything!

  9. Reply

    I use my bitmoji on silly things like texts and emails. I love this idea, and the outfits can reflect the seasons, too!

  10. Reply

    These are hilarious and really make the pages look fun. I want to get a machine so I can print some out too.

  11. Reply

    I haven’t gotten into the sticker trend with my planner, but I did create my own bitmoji. It would be fun to see my digital me in my planner. I think it would help with the motivation to get tasks done.

  12. Reply

    Wait I love this idea! This is hilarious, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. Also, your directions are super straightforward, so even someone bad at crafts like me could handle this.

  13. Reply

    I never really used Bitmojis, but a lot of my friends love them . I have been getting better at using my planner though.

  14. Reply

    Oh my goodness, these are so cute. I’m just getting into making my own planner stickers, and I love Bitmoji!

    • Lydia
    • March 30, 2017

    What! This is so cool. I love my bitmoji app, I need to try this out! SO cute

    • Tereza
    • March 30, 2017

    Oh my god these look like so much fun! I’ve seen them on Twitter lately and always wondered how you can actually make them – yours have turned out beautiful! x

  15. Reply

    These are really cute! I have a planner, and I just adore adding all sorts of fun stickers to it. Adding Bitmoji stickers would be awesome. Thanks for the great inspiration 🙂

  16. Reply

    My friends are always sending me Bitmoji pics. I need to up my game and do this. Looks like a lot of fun!

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  18. Reply

    Such an awesome way to use these stickers on a planner. I like the sound of it.

    • Reesa Lewandowski
    • March 31, 2017

    Oh gosh how cute are these!!?? I never thought to make my own stickers before. You make it look easy!

  19. Reply

    These are new to me! And they’re so darn cute. I want to make some too! And that reminds me…I need a new planner. Ha!

    • Jeanine
    • March 31, 2017

    oh how fun. I used to be obsessed with stickers and stuff for my planner, now I forget to even use my planner. I wonder if this kind of thing would help. They are great!

  20. Reply

    Oh, that is pretty cool! You can create them and then print them to actually use in your planner. I think I would enjoy making those!!

  21. Reply

    These are super cool! I think I would really enjoy making my own stickers to use for my planners!!

  22. Reply

    Oh what a fun idea! I would love to check out what I would look like as a bitmoji!

  23. Reply

    I like using unique stickers in my planner, and these would be perfect for that! I am not sure what I would use them for outside of planning though.

  24. Reply

    These are super fun! My mom uses a bitmoji for everything and I’ve been wanting to create one for myself.

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