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Big Happy Planner info and review

by Brandy Burke

There are so many choices of planners on the market today – and I may own one of each in my quest to find a bit of planner peace (and also, to appease my obsession with buying planners that I don’t necessarily need…) Ā Like many, I struggle with planning because I have unique planning needs and finding the right planner to accommodate those needs has been a bit of a challenge. With a bit of hesitation, I grabbed The Big Happy Planner while it was on a 60% off sale to give it a try.

Why I Tried The Big Happy Planner

I chose to try The Big Happy Planner for one reason: My huge 5th grade handwriting. I needed something that would hold all those bubbles and loops that Ms. Taylor taught me in handwriting class. Classic and personal planners allow me room for maybe 4 words in each box and believe me, I have more than 4 things to do in a day šŸ™‚

All About The Big Happy Planner

The Big Happy Planner is a Mambi product – and one of three sizes of Happy Planner on the market (the Classic and the Mini fill in the other two). It’s a disc ring system which makes it easy to take the pages out when planning a layout.

The Big Happy Planner Measurements

The Big Happy Planner measures 9 3/4 X 11.5 inches at the cover. Each page is a convenient 8.5X11 inches. I’ve added the Big Happy Planner case to my planner which makes it incredibly chunky but well protected. The case comes in a multitude of colors, and they were out of turquoise when I was shopping for mine, so I settled on a robins egg blue and it’s really growing on me.

I primarily decorate the weekly layout of my planners. It’s where I live and document every hour of my day (when there is room). The Big Happy Planner does not disappoint when it comes to space.

Big Happy Planner Weekly Measurements


If you’re a monthly decorator (or you just have large handwriting like me and want to be able to jot down the important things, again, The Big Happy Planner has the best size in my opinion for that.

The Big Happy Planner Monthly Measurements

Now, remember, measurements are equal to math and math isn’t my strong point – but I’ve created many Big Happy Planner stickers using these measurements and they work for me. These could vary from style of BHP so be sure to throw your ruler on your page to verify.

The Big Happy Planner Likes/Dislikes/Ratings

The Big Happy Planner Pros and Cons

PriceĀ All Mambi planners are competitive in pricing. For BHP, the retail is $29.95 at most stores and if you shop Michaels and Hobby Lobby,Ā that 40-50% off coupon makes it affordable to try out for yourself.

SizeĀ The overall size of the BHP is ultra chunky, While I like chunky when it comes to cards, scrapbooking and other crafting avenues, I’m not so sure that it suites a planner well.

Writing SpaceĀ I think I’ve soaked this post with it’s one key feature, so I won’t elaborate any more – but this is the only place I was able to give five stars.

AccessoriesĀ Like many other MAMBI planners, you can customize your planner with easy to find covers, cases, and a few inserts (the brain dump, note pages, etc) – the side of each page makes it easy to create your own inserts but you have to buy the special big punch to do that…. I have the small punch for the classic planner – why couldn’t MAMBI make one punch that accommodates all of their planners with ease?

PortabilityĀ Nope. This planner won’t fit in even the largest purse – I did throw it in an over night tote once and it did numbers on weighing it down. This planner is best suited for your desk top…which is what it has become for me as a work planner.

DecorationsĀ Booooo! Until recently, none of my local retailers had the sticker books in the Big Happy Planner size. Is it because they didn’t exist or my stores were late to the game? I can’t be sure – but even with what is currently out there now,Ā decorations are limited. I’ve had my best luck designing my own stickers and with a few great Etsy shops.

Overall:Ā Over all, this planner serves its purpose and gives you plenty of room to write and decorate, but its not functional if you’re on-the-go or like to be able to have a huge selection of pre-designed planner stickers and decorations.

I love the space. That’s really all I love about it. It has equal features to many other planners but the ability to fit your ultra-loopy magnified handwriting in to a space is about the only thing that sets this planner apart from other planners out on the market.


Where I find my Big Happy Planner Items:





Hobby Lobby


All about the big happy planner - pros, cons and happy planner measurements

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Stephanie E. May 4, 2017 - 2:19 pm

I love my planners!!! I have a few. I use the small planners for my work schedule & Weight Watchers recipes, tracking & points. My big ones are used for my obsessive need for family organization! I have a huge family and a lot of projects! also, OCD! lol! So, the planner is a must! The stickers I make using these sites are a bonus.

goodstuffmama May 5, 2017 - 8:15 pm

Hey Stephanie! I love “meeting” other planners – sounds like you have as many planners as I do – once you start you just really can not stop!!!


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