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Best Etsy Planner Shops

Recently, we discussed choosing a planner and the different planner sticker options available to plan, track and document your life. Today, I’m bringing you a list of my best Etsy planner shops as well as my favorite ways to find discounts and freebies for my planner. Don’t forget to check out my post on how to organize planner stickers too!

 Don’t forget to go to The Planner Enabler  before you shop for planner stickers. The Planner Enabler is the only coupon/deal/sale site for planners! 

The Best Etsy Planner Shops

Best Etsy Planner Shops For Weekly Kits

Otter Prints Co

Tuuli Plans

Lilly Skys Dream

Sweet T Plans

Creating & Co

Harriett Wright Designs

Adorable Amy Designs

Best Etsy Planner Shop For Monthly Kits

BYTE Prints

Polished Patterns

Best Etsy Planner Shop For Functional Stickers

Wishee Washi Paper Co

Shimmers and Sparkles Plans

Scribble Prints Co

The Sticker Genie

Sticker Barn

Best Etsy Planner Shop For Sassy Stickers

Charlotte’s Minis

Planner Penny

Sassy Apple Studios

Best Etsy Planner Shop For Character stickers:

Harriett Wright Designs

Adventures of Lucy

The Coffee Monstersz Co

Epikly Stickerie

Best Etsy Planner Shop For Planner Clips

Created by Danielle

The Book Nook Patch

Pinkie Bows

The Crafty Mail

Where to find Planner coupons and deals for the best Etsy planner shops:

This hobby of ours can get expensive, which is why you should head to our sister site The Planner Enabler for Planner Coupons and sales alerts.

Often times shops will post their coupon codes on their instagram or in a facebook group that they started for their shop customers. This is a great way to find the best deals for your planner but it can really clog up your feed – I recommend you only add your favorite 5 or 10 shops – the shops that you would shop in even if you didn’t have a coupon code because they totally get your style. Get the rest of your planner coupon codes at The Planner Enabler or, by directly visiting instagram shops right before you make your purchase to see if there is a special deal available.


The best planner sticker shops on Etsy plus where to go to find coupons and deals!


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