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Beginning Planners – The 6 Must Haves to Get You Going

by Brandy Burke
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I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of hobbies – there was scrapbooking (which wasn’t cheap, even back then) and beading, then there was the burlap phase and a whole lot of crochet.

I’m glad I don’t save craft store receipts.


My planning hobby is different though. Yes, I spend plenty of cash on washi tape, stickers and colorful pens, but I actually use these items to encourage me to be prompt and productive. I really can’t go wrong with it. My daughters and my mom are even getting in on the hobby, so it gives me a chance to spend time with them while we plan out our weeks.

If you’re just starting your planner addiction hobby and you’re not sure where to start – here are the must-haves to get you going.

  1. The planner. For me, it’s the Create365 Day Planner. The cover of mine says “Just Be Happy” which is something I appreciate being reminded of, because I have a very high stress job. There are a thousand different planners out there on the market – and you can even use a composition book or blank journal but I enjoy having the boxes, lines, dividers and perky quotes my planner offers me.

  2. The planner punch. Because even though this planner offers a TON of add-ons, I always find some freebie on the internet that I want to add to mine – this punch is made for the disc system and keeps everything tucked nice and neat in my planner. This is also a great tool to have if you want to be sure you’re invited to planner parties… 🙂

  3. Quick dry, no smear gel pens. It’s so important that you find something that doesn’t smear and doesn’t sit on the page wet. Before I found these, I had a lot of really awful smearing and was often trying to cover things up creatively with washi tape and stickers so that I could re-write it and blow on it until it dried.

  4. This little gadget is awesome for everything, not just my planner. It’s the check-list stamp – you can turn anything in to a check list – a square in your planner, a post it note, the back of your hand. It’s a serious tool.

  5. Stickers for your planner are awesome (notice I didn’t list them here) because some people love them and some don’t. I personally love them but I’ve found that I use my stamps and washi tape more – I can stamp a million times but only use a sticker once. I invest in a lot of stamps and colorful ink pads.

  6. Washi. Tons and tons of it. You can decorate anything with washi (except maybe water) so you can never have too much.

You can also use things you already have in your craft supply – scrapbooking stickers fill out a planner nicely, as well as scrapbooking paper (measure and cut to fit in to a day square) – get creative!

The top 6 planner supplies to get you started planning like a boss

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