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Beginner Planning Supplies

by Brandy Burke
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In October of 2016 I wrote a post called Beginning Planners – the 6 Must Haves to Get You Going and day after day it continued to be one of the most popular posts on this blog. I still believe every product I showed you on that page will help you get going in planning, but it’s 2018 now and  time to update that list. I’m leaving the other blog post up – because you’re still visiting it, and it’s still helping people, but lets consider this blog post the source for Beginner Planning Supplies.

Planning is such a unique and custom experience – so this year, I’m showing you several ideas for each category because planning is not one-size fits all.


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Here’s your Beginner Planning Supplies line up:

Beginner Planning Supplies

Beginner Planning Supplies: A Planner

This is the obvious place to start – right? So why even mention it? Because there are so many planners on the market, it’s important to choose the best planner for you so that you’ll actually stick with planning and make your hobby an asset to your life.

Ones to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning supplies Happy Planner (1)
Happy Planner - click to see more
Beginner Planning supplies Erin Condren
Erin Condren - click to view
Beginner Planning supplies Personal Size Planner
Carpe Diem Personal - click here to peek!

The Happy Planner Classic, The Erin Condren Coil bound Life Planner and the Carpe Diem Personal Planner are all three excellent planners for beginner planning and experienced as well.

Beginner Planning Supplies: A Punch

A punch is essential if you plan to add and remove inserts for a truly custom planning experience. Spiral planners are the exception to this – as far as I am aware, there is no punch to add pages to your spiral planner – there are other ways to do so, but they’re not simple. For disc and ring bound planners, a punch is an inexpensive way to continue to customize your planner based on your ever changing needs.

Ones to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning supplies happy planner punch
Happy Planner Punch
Beginner Planning planning punch board
Multi Punch Board

We love the Happy Planner punch which comes in two sizes and the Multi-board punch which can be used for all types of sizes of planners.

Beginner Planning Supplies: Pens

Don’t fall in the the mindset that any pen will do. If you’re on a budget, sure – but if you have a choice in the pen you use in your planner, choose wisely. Different Pens have different pros and cons. My favorite pen is the Frixion erasable pens – they dry quick so no smear (even for you lefties) and they erase clean when you have a change of plans.

Ones to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning Supplies Frixion Erasable Pens
Frixion Erasable
Beginner Planning suppliesPaper mate flair pens
Papermate Ultra Fine

Hands down the Frixion pens win for functionality while the Paper Mate Flair Ultra Fine steals our hearts for the candy pop colors.

Beginner Planning Supplies: Washi

Washi is a cheap beginner planning supply that is versatile – washi can be used to fill in boxes, color code your planner or just add a background to stickers. Washi is also great for other DIY washi projects – it will stick to everything but air and water!

Ones to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning supplies Thick Washi
Thick Washi
Beginner Planning supplies Thin washi
Thin Washi

Note, if you can wait for the shipping, the absolute cheapest place to get Washi is here.


Beginner Planning Supplies: Stickers

You can plan anything without a single sticker – but if you’re here, you’re probably ready to jump down the full on planning rabbit hole – and that hole is lined with sticker after sticker.  You’ll want a combination of functional stickers (stickers that encourage action on a task) and decorative stickers.

Ones to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning supplies Functional Stickers
Functional Stickers
Decorative Stickers

Grab these heart checklists or these super cute decorative stickers.

Beginner Planning Supplies: Organization

Beginner planning supplies multiply quickly – not only will you accumulate as you shop but you’ll also have a ton of free planner printables at your fingertips as well – it’s totally frustrating to sit down to plan and not be able to find what you’re looking for – so get your organization going early on – check out my ideas on washi storage if you already have a large supply, but I really recommend getting a functional, mobile planning station because even if you have your own craft room – you’ll need to take your planner supplies when you go out of town – or when you just want to plan in the family room so you can be close to your husband.

One to try (click any image for more details):

Beginner Planning supplies Planner Tote
Rolling Tote

You definitely need to check out this rolling tote – of all the ones on the market, it tops for the price point and the functionality – I bought one for my mom for Christmas and her heart is totally in it now.

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Beginner Planning Supplies - the simplest, best list of choices for beginner planning from @goodstuffmama

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Nelda January 21, 2018 - 7:13 am

The punch board that you show (teal and cream) does have an insert for 2 different kinds of spirals, 2 holes to an inch and 3 holes to an inch. I think EC is 3:1. This will allow you to add inserts into a spiral planner, but unfortunately it only punches 1 page, and one inch at a time. That can be time consuming but at least you do have the option. The holes are similar to what the covers are like, they have a little slit in the that goes to the edge.

Julie Maul June 29, 2019 - 8:52 am

Do I start with a new planner each year or purchase just a refill?


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