Basic Flipbook Tutorial

Basic Flipbook tutorial final

Anyone else in-love with flip-books? I don’t think that flipbook collector is a thing, but it needs to be since I’ve made so many of these at this point that I don’t have enough people to give them to. A while back, I did a video tutorial of my Christmas flipbook on Youtube for you – but I never posted it, so viola, here it is, and below is the promised flip book tutorial so that you can get started making your own flip books.


Basic Flipbook Tutorial


Step 1: Cut 6 pieces of decorated card stock (you can use double sided card stock but I like the thickness of using 6 individual pieces). You can cut the pieces any size, typical size is 6″ by 6″

Basic Flipbook Tutorial Step 1


Step 2: Glue two pieces of cardstock back to back creating 3 sets of double sided card stock

Basic Flipbook Tutorial Step 2

Step 3: Lay out the three double sided pieces, ensure that you like the way that the patterns go together. Leave about 1/4 of an inch between each set of cardstock and then using decorative washi tape to tape the pieces together creating a hinge.

Basic Flipbook Tutorial Step 3

Step 4: on the last set on the far right side, trim a sliver off to help the piece lay flat after embellishments have been added.

Basic Flipbook Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Basic Flipbook tutorial final


Basic Flipbook Tutorial step-by-step just some cardstock and washi tape.

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    • Lizzie From Texas
    • December 30, 2016

    Love this! Will make these for my daughters.

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