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April Journal Prompts

by Brandy Burke

April is all about reflection – grab your journal and join us.

  1. What struggles are you grateful for
  2. A few ways I’ve made myself proud
  3. The memory I really wish I could erase is
  4. I love the sound of
  5. What makes it a good life
  6. The hardest lesson I ever had to learn was
  7. I like the person I am today because
  8. A funny story that makes me laugh every time I hear it
  9. The color of my heart is
  10. If I hadn’t experienced _______ I wouldn’t have _________
  11. The gift that meant the most to me
  12. In my bravest moment I
  13. I can’t help it, any time I smell _______ I
  14. I’m embarrassed to admit
  15. A few rules I have broken
  16. My bucket list
  17. Here’s the soundtrack of my life
  18. My enneagram
  19. I don’t recognize myself when
  20. I wish people were more
  21. I feel most loved when
  22. When I have time alone, I
  23. The biggest lie I ever told
  24. This year, I’ve experienced these positive changes
  25.  Free write
  26.  My parent’s relationship
  27.  My favorite things
  28.  5 people at a dinner party
  29. The qualities I get from my mom are
  30. The qualities I get from my dad are

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