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About Me – Storyline Chapters

by Brandy Burke
About Me Journal Page Header

Today I’m sharing a quick 10 minute process video around my main About Me page in my Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Notebook.

My About Me Page in my Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Video

About Me – Storyline Chapters Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you see me use in this video:
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As a mom, most of the creative scrapbooking and journaling I do revolves around my kids — and yes, though they are 25 and 21, I still call them kids. Actually, sometimes, I still call them my babies.

So it’s a little uncomfortable to do an ENTIRE book around me – who I am, what I enjoy doing… but as moms when we look back, what documented history will we be leaving behind for our kids? The one way I’m getting around feeling full of myself doing this book is by telling myself that the end result is that the kids will have something of me and that makes me feel a little less uncomfortable. I hope that when I’m finished I’ll no longer feel out of my element sharing all of the bits and pieces about who I am.

I’m using my Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Notebook set for various things but I have reserved one entire notebook for this subject. There are various challenges and prompts going on so I’ve grabbed little snippets from each one to create something really personal to myself.

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