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5 Year Journal Uses

by Brandy Burke

Mid year 2018, I purchased a little one line a day journal with the idea that journaling a simple line (or two) in the evenings would jump start my journaling again.

I fell in love with the 5 year, one line a day journals and ultimately bought one for each of my daughters and my mother for Christmas. It’s interesting how we all use them a little differently, which led me to thinking of all the possible ways you could use these handy little books.

Here are 4 ways to use the 5 year journal

(and trust me, there are many, many more)


You knew I’d start with this one, didn’t you? This journal offers a really simple layout to jotting down your gratitude first thing in the morning (or last thing at night).

Daily Log

It’s funny, but thanks to Facebook memories, while I was in Tulsa this past weekend I realized that I travelled to Tulsa the previous two years on the same exact date! Odd and interesting since there isn’t anything particularly special about the date – just a random date in February. How cool to see at a glance on one page the history of the given date over five years.

Baby Book

I only wish I had books like these as my children were growing up. I made it a habit to journal and write to them, and much of it is scattered on different sheets of paper, in different journals or albums. What a neat way to capture milestones and thoughts for your children over five years.

Intention Setting

I love the idea of using these books for intention setting. Each day, wake up, decide what the day looks like, what you will make of it, write it down and then live it! It can also be used for your mantra of the day.

If you don’t already own one, grab your 5 year, one line a day journal. They can usually be found for under $15.



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