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4th of July Planner Picks

by Brandy Burke

I LOVE 4th of July. Well, lovED it – before my ex-husband told me, sitting there on the grass watching fireworks that he wanted a divorce. Another story for another time. Still, it’s the funnest Holiday to decorate for, celebrate and plan for so I’m broadcasting my top 4th of July planner pics (and shops you should def check out) in this post.

By far one of my favorite 4th of July planner embellishments is this Statue of Liberty planner clip – the patriotic soul within me will use this one even on Thanksgiving!

If you’re planning a 4th of July cookout – you’ll want to grab these. We celebrate our anniversary on the 4th of July each year, so there’s no way I’m letting my hubby get away with a cookout anniversary dinner – still these are a definite top pick for me.

I swoon for full kits – and I love the graphic choices in this one – mostly the shorts with the patriotic pockets are what stole my heart. This sticker kit fits the EC vertical.


Image C: Paper Ennui

Admit it – the Star Spangled Banner is stuck in your head after seeing that Home of the Brave planner clip – isn’t it? I’m pretty partial to the eagle, too 🙂

and last but absolutely not least

Image C: JoyfulPlanner

It’s a 13 page bundle of patriotism. Not kidding – it’s pretty much the whole bucket of what you need to do up your planner in July and it’s pretty much the awesomest.

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