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Top 3 Reasons to Try Frixion Planner Pens

by Brandy Burke
Frixion Planner Pens

I have always been a huge fan of Pilot Felt Tip Pens for planning and I still am – I love their color selections and they’re awesomely suited for my big girly hand writing – but recently, I finally broke down and tried the Frixion planner pens. I’d briefly heard about them during a planner meet up and I must say I was not disappointed.

I’ve used them now for about a month in my planner and I’m ready to share with you the three reasons that Frixion pens are perfect for planning.

#1 – Plans Change

Plans change – and while those “rescheduled” stickers can be quite cute, I’d rather be able to easily remove that which didn’t happen from my planner – I’m also bad about misjudging my writing space and writing too large – but of course, I don’t realize it isn’t all going to fit until I get half way through the word. Frixion pens really erase. From stickers or from paper, and as long as you don’t press hard when writing, there isn’t an indention left after the ink is removed. You should grab Frixion planner pens┬áif for no other reason than they erase so beautifully.

#2 – Paper is Thin

In addition to the Paper Mate felt tip pens, I also love thin tip black sharpie markers – certain pens just make your writing look better – however I’ve found that both of these tend to bleed in my planner if I write directly on the page instead of on a sticker. Frixion planner pens do not bleed so you spare last week’s layout from this week’s plans.

#3 – Smooth Gliding

I love the way that Frixion planner pens glide when I write – after years of typing on a laptop, hand writing can be a pain in the…. but writing with a pen that enhances my handwriting makes the task a bit more bearable. In full honesty, I like the way my hand writing looks with Papermate Ink Joy pens quite a bit more, but Frixion still beats most other pens on the market that I’ve tried in my planner in their ease of gliding.

The pitfall: If you’re willing to invest a little bit more you can get a large pack of Frixion planner pens that offer a ton of great colors – but if you’re on a budget like most, then you’ll likely be limited in the colors you can find.

Rumor has it that if you leave something written with Frixion erasable pens in extreme heat (like in the back of your car during a hot Oklahoma summer) that the words will disappear – it is said that you can get the ink to reappear by freezing your pages – while this sounds super cool, I purposefully wrote a message hoping to see it self destruct but after many hours in direct sunlight in the middle of summer, the text was still as bold as ever.



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