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2020 Journal Challenge

by Brandy Burke

Get excited (I know I am) for the 2020 Journal Challenge.

I love to write – but lately, I haven’t been able to find as much time for it. My career requires a lot of word work and sometimes, that can leave little time (or desire) for creative, introspective journaling.

I can’t be the only one. So we’ve created 365 days of journal prompts to take a deep look inside, around and alongside ourselves, our lives, and the people we invite in.

How Does it Work?

Every month, we’ll post an entire month’s worth of journal prompts. These journal challenge journal prompts are fresh, relevant and designed to focus on a specific life department.

You’ll just grab your favorite journal, interpret the prompt (we’ll give a few tips when necessary) and write your heart out.

What Journals Do You Recommend?

You can really use any journal you’d like to for this journal challenge, however, if you’re a bit odd like Brandy, you can’t imagine not having the entire year in one book. That means you need a pretty fat book if you plan to write much more than one line a day. Here’s a few good, thick journals for this journal challenge that we’ve scouted out for you.

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