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6 days ago

Add pages to Spiral Planners

I used (and loved) the Happy Planner for a long time – and life was simple because I had the happy planner disc punch so popping things in and out of my planner never took any work. I still use my Happy Planner to journal and track photos, but for daily use, I’m trying out […]

Facebook groups for planners
2 weeks ago

30 Facebook Groups for Planners

Facebook Groups for Planners have quickly become my #2 favorite way to share my love of planners…this blog being my #1 of course. Seriously, how did people handle their fun and crafty addictions before the internet and more specifically, Facebook, blogs and Pinterest. We probably saved a lot of money, honestly. Anyway, I could tell […]

Craft Vacuum
3 weeks ago

Craft Vacuum – Perfect for planners

There are times when I don’t want to create in my craft room simply because it takes 30 minutes to drag out the supplies and another 30 minutes just to clean up. Having carpet in my craft room doesn’t help the clean up factor one bit – still to this day when I walk through […]

3 weeks ago

Happy Planner Mini Checklist Stickers – Bright Colors

I admit I don’t use my happy planner nearly as much as I used to. It’s the perfect size for a purse ride-along but the boxes are so tiny. I did manage to find a great way to date your mini planner monthly but otherwise, my writing seems to big and bubbly for most of […]

4 weeks ago

Feather Planner Charm Inspiration – Super Simple

Goodness. Michaels has made it super simple for us to make our own feather planner charms now. If you’re as lucky as me, you can find these TWO PACK of feathers already with lobster clasps and beads in the $1.50 upsale aisle in an array of colors. I nabbed 2 of the two packs because […]

Classic recollections Planner measurements
4 weeks ago

Classic Recollections Planner Measurements

I was (thankfully) reminded by another viewer on the Large Recollections Planner Measurements blog posting that the classic recollections planner measurements had not yet been posted. OOPS! I’m thankful for the reminder because even though I planned to do it, it never happened. My scanner is being annoying lately, so I won’t even try  – […]

Craft Planner Printable
1 month ago

Craft Planner Printable Free Download

Today I’m sharing with you the craft planner printable that I just created. Part of my Crafters New Year’s Resolution was to quit buying things I already have (but have misplaced due to lack of organization).  But here’s the deal – the only way that is ever going to happen is if I get really […]

Large Recollections Planner Hydration Tracker Stickers Winter Love
1 month ago

Large Recollections Hydration Tracker Stickers – Winter Love

I am really glad to be using the Large Recollections Planner in 2017. As I mentioned in previous posts, it’s not the only planner I use, nor does it mean I’m doing away with my Happy Planner (no way!) but I’m loving the space that it has and enjoying creating things that go along with […]

Valentines Day Planner Printable Stickers
1 month ago

Valentines Day Printable Planner Stickers – Freebie

The Hallmark Holiday represented by a diapered cherub and an arrow is around the corner. I’m the man in my marriage – my husband loves all of that romantic stuff, but I’m not one much for Valentine’s Day at all. The most exciting Valentine’s Day I ever had was spent in labor with my youngest […]

planner uses
1 month ago

Planning Life: 40 different planner uses for 2017

In this post, I’ll discuss planner uses, both how I use my planner and ideas for how you can use your planner. My entire life is in this planner. Well, this planner and a few others – the thing is, planners have become not only a way to keep tasks on track and bodies where […]

Erasable colored pencils for planner
1 month ago

Erasable Colored Pencils for Planner

I finally found them.     And when I say “finally” and it implies that I’ve been searching for a while, it’s a true statement. I finally found erasable colored pencils for my planner. I know that you can now get super cute “cancelled” stickers, and even some sarcastic “nope” stickers to cover up things […]

Crafters New Years Resolutions
2 months ago

Crafter’s New Year’s Resolutions

I am not one to set New Year’s Resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions are basically an outline for my future failures. By the third week in January, I’m no longer eating healthy, I’m using a credit card again, and I’ve usually only been to the gym once. If anything, New Year’s Resolutions entice a defiant fire […]

large recollections planner measurements
2 months ago

Large Recollections Planner Measurements

In this post, I’ll share with you the large recollections planner measurements. I’ve always claimed to be a happy planner girl at heart, and I still feel it. But if you have a Michaels  craft store close by, you’ve likely seen the new 2017 Recollections spiral bound planners and they are all the pretty things […]

Basic Flipbook tutorial final
2 months ago

Basic Flipbook Tutorial

Anyone else in-love with flip-books? I don’t think that flipbook collector is a thing, but it needs to be since I’ve made so many of these at this point that I don’t have enough people to give them to. A while back, I did a video tutorial of my Christmas flipbook on Youtube for you […]

The Best Blog Planner Finished
2 months ago

The Best Blog Planner Free Download

Planning and blogging. Two of my very favorite things – but unfortunately, my store bought planners don’t do the trick when it comes to blog planning so I set out this week (which turned in to two weeks) to create the best blog planner for my needs and I think regardless of what niche you […]

Washi Christmas Gift Tags
2 months ago

Washi Christmas Gift Tag Inspiration

Is there anything you can’t use washi on? Water. That’s about the only thing I can think of.My family pokes a lot of fun at all the ways I love washi. I don’t care though – it’s a cheap thing to hoard and it looks pretty sitting on a shelf waiting on me or stretched […]